Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy New-ish Year!

Well, we're a little late on the posting - but we still want to extend our best wishes to everyone for a bright and happy New Year!

We are still rolling on the following projects and have made some updates (if you're keeping track):

And I would like to promote our site of the month (I think I said week last time, but we're not going to manage blog posts that frequently, it seems):

which I am especially proud of since I had to learn how to do a three-tier CSS drop down menu. PHEW that's a mouthful.

I revisited Drupal the other day when I updated the Petticoat site - and had the fun task of actually updating Drupal itself on my server. It was a scary few minutes...



But everything went swimmingly. Thank goodness.

Only one other announcement, and that is, in addition to our redesigned website, we have also changed our email. We can now be reached at

Again - best wishes to everyone and watch for our next post!