Monday, October 25, 2010


Okay, so I know this isn't the first post - but I somehow liked the idea of introducing Abbigale first. Babies are a good icebreaker, right?

Graphix Chix, established 2005, is a freelance design firm based in Jacksonville, FL, made up of me and my buddy Christina (and now baby Abbi!). We do websites, print design, typesetting, and other various graphic-design related odd jobs as they come up. We generally work with individuals and small businesses.

You can learn more by visiting us at:, were we keep a small portfolio, our resumes, and testimonials. We do keep our rates on there, but they are definitely negotiable. And yes, we do give free consultations - so don't hesitate to contact us!

Any updates, current projects we are working on, my frustrations with Adobe Creative Suite software (it's a love/hate relationship, same with my Macintosh), and frequently asked questions from clients can be found here (hopefully). We'll see where it all goes. Maybe I'll even get a follower or two.

Right now, we are working on three websites, and a logo for a church. Two of the websites are in progress at:

Not much to look at right now, but I am waiting on content from the clients. I am currently teaching myself PHP and Drupal - and let's just say I thought I knew web design until I started using Drupal. Once you get the hang of it, it starts to come together, but at first I thought I was going to pull all my hair out. The Petticoat site is done entirely in Drupal. (I am not bad mouthing Drupal here guys, I love it. It's great if you need a CMS website for a client and don't want to set up all the back-end stuff yourself. It's just I came into it with zero knowledge of how it worked. I've definitely had to do a lot of reading. But the site is very user friendly.)

As for software, I am Macintosh based (obviously, since I already mentioned that) and I just upgraded one of my computers to Adobe CS5. I REALLY LIKED CS4, so I'm not rushing the upgrade, and I've found that keeping the last generation of Adobe Software on my computer is a must - even though it takes up a lot of space, you never know when you're going to work with someone who is a version or two behind you. I've learned the hard way to keep that extra version around. I also use FireFTP and Dropbox for file sharing and web site management - and would definitely recommend those programs as well.

If I were to leave you with a last bit of wisdom for today, with this first post, it's that the more I learn about web design (I was a print designer to begin with) the less I realize I actually know. :P

I guess that's it for now... thanks for looking!
Graphix Chix
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