Friday, December 3, 2010

Check Us Out!

We've updated, no, REDESIGNED our entire website with a whole new look! Check us out at We hope you like the new site.

Our current projects still include the following: - my first Drupal site!

and one new addition:

Our showcase project this week is:
which was my first site done entirely in css!

I also upgraded to CS5 on my work computer, making sure to keep Illustrator and InDesign CS4 and CS3 still installed, just in case I have to down-save files to send them out. I'm not sure how I like InDesign CS5 and I HATE the new Dreamweaver. I've gone completely back to CS4 on that one.

I did the mobileme calendar upgrade as well - which was a bit scary because I lost all my local calendars!! But after a few moments and some tinkering around, I figured out how to add them back by adding an account to my iCal preferences. I have unchecked the mobileme sync as it no longer seems to be needed.

Thanks for looking. We'll be posting our Holiday schedule soon. Until then, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday season!


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